Monitor print media, follow the conversation, understand your impact, measure prominence and find out if your marketing efforts are working.


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MediaScouting Print

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MediaScouting Print is a robust, versatile and fully customizable software solution that includes all print media monitoring features from scanning to article delivery. It supports 189 languages including right to left scripts and it is available as SaaS or as a standalone platform.

189 languages


Success Rate

Success Rate

24 / 7



  • If you are an established company that needs robust and versatile technological solutions to optimize your service to your clients and minimize your costs.
  • If you are trying to start a new media monitoring company and want to overcome technological challenges and economic hurdles.
  • If you need a partner that can provide high quality, state-of-the-art, cost effective software solutions.

We can help you address all your media monitoring needs and help you increase your productivity while decreasing the cost of production. MediaScouting Print is fully customizable, meeting your exact needs.


MediaScouting Print has been designed for small and large media monitoring companies, media agencies, media owners but can be easily used by PR agencies, Ad agencies, publishers, brand owners, academics, public sector companies and NGOs, sport businesses or institutions and organizations. It is an ideal solution for companies that have a small budget but want to scale.

  • Supports 189 languages including right to left scripts and guarantees success rates up to 99%.
  • Scalable-distributed-modular.
  • Automatic topic detection and customer assignment.
  • Multilingual.
  • Entity detection and sentiment analysis.
  • Flexible, multi-way distribution.


  • OCR using Abbyy Finereader.
  • Robust open architecture Java based backend.
  • HTML5 web based user interfaces.
  • Image processing / typesetting tools.
  • Clustering and classification using feedback from curators.
  • Lemmatization, entity detection and sentiment analysis.
  • Expandable storage up to hundreds of TB.
  • High performance text indexing.
  • Seemless integration with ERP, CRM and print services.

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